We're an Asian food restaurant that prides ourselves on delivering only the best quality dishes made with the freshest ingredients cooked to perfection by our master wokologists!

Why choose us?

Each dish is specifically cooked on the spot for you with thoroughly cleaned wok and utensils. To make sure there's not cross contamination for all our friends who may have specific food allergies. Fresh ingredients and attention to detail make each of our dishes uniquely yours to enjoy. Come see our passion at work! 

But that's not all! We're not only vegan friendly, but have prepared the best dishes for our vegan friends! You'll want to try it all and fall in love!

Speaking of love, we LOVE giving back to our community! Whether it's through our local hero discounts on Mondays, or through fundraisers for local charities, here at Wok-Olgy we love to support our local community. Follow us on Facbook and Instagram to find our about all our community events and the charities have supported. 

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